The Land, The People

Today in my spanish history class we read an excerpt from a book all about Spain. Here is a part from it:

“Andalusia is southern Spain. That is where Moorish tradition is strongest. Granada, Cordoba and Seville are its most famous cities and its most famous providences. The Moors called it Al-Andalus, land of the vandals, hence the name Andalusia. This is the African part of Spain; its tall mountains, just behind the costal plain, its rolling lower hills and olive groves, its fertile irrigated valleys, its Mediterannean climate-all these suggest northern Africa. The highways are rimmed by strange ancient hills and often on reaching a town the ruins of an old castle stand as mute testimony to the medieval or Moorish past. The fertile vega of Granada lies within the sight of mountain peaks capped with eternal snow. There are fields of sugarcane and tobacco. There are palm trees, oleanders, myrtles, poplars, carnations, plumbago, and bougainvilaeas. It is a land of warm winds and singing birds. African heritage is indisputable. Often, at night, the strange notes of a quavering guitar, and the eerie notes of some cante jondo song of southern Spain”



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