Paris, France

Paris, My dream city. I got to cross this beautiful city off the top of my bucket list! I loved the chimneys, the colors, the Nutella crapes, and my company.  We spent many hours around the Eiffel Tower and the river, my favorite parts of paris. We also spent time wandering around the city, going to to Louvre, the Notre Dame, the Arc de Triumph and of course, Starbucks. The 6 days I spent in Paris will not easily be forgotten.
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5 thoughts on “Paris, France

  1. Morgan, these are so beautiful. I want to cry looking at them. So much emotion and beauty in your photographs. I am so incredibly proud of the amazing woman you are. I am happy you are getting to experience Europe. You deserve it! Love you and Miss you!

  2. Your images are truly breath taking and refreshing! Truly amazing work!

  3. I loved the Shakespeare & Co book-store when I went to Paris – again, beautiful photos 🙂

  4. 166kilómetros says:

    Qué pasada de fotografías. París es, sin duda, una de las ciudades más bonitas del mundo. Me mola mucho vuestro blog. Saludos desde Alicante. Manuel Juan Juan

  5. celiamohe says:

    Your photos are amazing! you’re a really good photographer, I loved this post about Paris. I’m from Seville and I like you job, I love Granada too, hope you’re having fun there 🙂

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