I fall more in love with the city of Granada every day! I have come to the conclusion that Granada is my soul city. I spent this past weekend exploring, wandering and having all sorts of adventures with my friends. We soaked up the beautiful weather by laying in the sun, eating tapas and taking long walks through the windy cobble stone streets. The moroccan culture and the street art get me every time.

For those of you that have read ‘Eat Pray Love’, my friend Jess and I came up with Granada’s signature word today: Pleasure. The people of Granada truly just do whatever makes them happy. If they wanna take a nap, they nap. If they want to stay out til the sun comes up, why not? They really do know how to relax and let life be. They kiss in the streets, drink til their hearts are merry, and speak what’s on their mind. It’s beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Magical

  1. I really like your blog. It’s full of a lot of beautiful photos of a region of Spain that I love. I think I start to follow you 🙂
    See you soon…

  2. Beautiful photos!! What a great experience!

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