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Siempre en mi alma

4 Months, 8 Countries, 21 Cities, 13 Airplanes, 20 buses & 7 Trains

Looking back at my time spent in Europe, I realize that it really can’t be explained in words. Granada will always be a part of my heart, and I already can’t wait to return. I made beautiful friendships, learned to communicate in a new language & culture, and loved falling into the peaceful lives of the Spanish people. I learned so much over these crazy wonderful months, and I am so grateful to of had such a memorable experience.

Here are some of the pictures I took trying to soak up every single beautiful moment of my favorite city in this world. I hope you enjoy them!

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The Alhambra

“Granada, An african paradise set under the sierras like a rose preserved in snow”

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Costa del Sol

Last weekend I took a trip with my program to the beautiful mountains, Las Alpujarras & after we stopped at the beach! It was cloudy & rainy day in Las Alpujarras, so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. But i spent a wonderful day cuddled up eating good food, reading books and enjoying the quaint mountain town that was filled with shops and bars. We spent the next day at the beach, where luckily it was sunny! It was a wonderful day and It made me miss San Diego! Here are some pictures of my friends and I soakin’ up the sun!

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Sol, Cafe & Amigas

A sunny day in Granada filled with beautiful walks in parks, gelato, shopping, coffee & my wonderful friends. What more could a girl ask for?

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Seville & Cordoba

This weekend I went on a group excursion with my program ISA to the cities of Seville and Cordoba. I loved them both! It was a blast to explore these amazing places and soak up the sunny warm weather. We spent two nights in Seville and saw the Palace and Cathedral, stuffed my face with my friends Jess and Caroline in the best little Italian restaurant, soaked in the city lights along the river, and walked around for hours. We spend Sunday in the windy streets of Cordoba, visiting La Mezquita (the biggest Mosque in the world) and admiring the pretty flower pots hanging off all the walls of the buildings. It was a wonderful weekend. I love the vibe that all of Andalusia has to offer.

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Finalmente, Granada

I have fallen in love with this city. It’s simply magical.

Here are pictures from the famous Alhambra of Granada, a Moorish Fortress from the 14th century. It was the most detailed and beautiful place I have ever seen. There are also pictures from the Albacin, the oldest neighborhood of Granada. It is a neighborhood on a hill overlooking the Alhambra that is filled with white houses on windy coblestone roads that eventually lead you back down to Moroccan street markets.

I have been exploring, getting lost and trying all sorts of new food. All in spanish! This week has been filled with so many new adventures. I went to my first Moroccan tea house, which had the most beautiful atmosphere. I also went to my first Discoteca! It was an old theatre converted into a dance club. And today I went to the Arab Baths. It was amazing! It was a dimly lit spa that was filled with different temperature baths where you relaxed and drank mint tea before a massage. I’ve been living in a dream.

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