Julian Mountains Love Story



I was lucky enough to shoot engagement pictures for my beautiful room mate Abigail and her wonderful fiance Cameron. We took to the Julian Mountains and had a blast exploring the trees & hanging out with the local cows. I can’t wait to see these two tie the knot in June!


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10 thoughts on “Julian Mountains Love Story

  1. Jana says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Happy new year!!!

  2. Morgna, these are such crative photos of your friends. You did such a great job. They look so comfortable in front of your camera and your angles and composition of the photos is perfect. Great job. I am so proud of you and Abby and Cam are so lucky that you took these beautiful photos for them.

  3. Sorry for my typos, my iphone is so great at changing my words. xo

  4. Love your work! Just nominated you for a Versatile blogger Award!

  5. alina says:

    Love the way you put your characters in the scene, also the lightning is awesome what kind of camera did you use ? did you applied any filtering ?

  6. psipsinasays says:

    How beautiful: thanks for sharing x

  7. wkyungt says:

    These are some great pictures! Look forward to future updates. Please pay my blog a visit if you’re interested in either Napa or wine! Have a great day

  8. Beautiful photographs! And I love her cowboy boots..

  9. Evez says:

    great shots and a lovely couple!

  10. Beccy V says:

    I love your photos!!!

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