Seattle, Washington

I was lucky enough to spend my 22nd birthday among the trees. Seattle is my boyfriend’s hometown & we had the best time exploring together, playing in the rain & celebrating.

DSC_3134 DSC_3161DSC_3179DSC_3191 DSC_3213 DSC_3218 DSC_3220DSC_3228 DSC_3230 DSC_3234 DSC_3237 DSC_3246 DSC_3251DSC_3277 DSC_3279 DSC_3290DSC_3310DSC_3317 DSC_3321 DSC_3326 DSC_3328 DSC_3330 DSC_3394 DSC_3398

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3 thoughts on “Seattle, Washington

  1. These are so unique and creative. I love how you captured Seattle’s beauty. The coffee shop photos and the train tracks are some of my fav’s.

  2. A adore these…but you have to check out Vivace my personal favorite coffee spot in Seattle..ummm so good I actually make special trips there from MILES away ;0)

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